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The Wild Region of Lived Experience: Using Somatic-Psychoeducation By Danis Bois, translated by Hélène Pennel North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California, 2008
The Wild Region of Lived Experience
Presentation of the book on back-cover : “Somatic-psychoeducation is a learning approach that is mainly body-centered. Though it uses protocols that are therapeutic, their function is not simply to heal the body’s ailments, or… to heal psychological suffering. They offer the opportunity to reflect on life, to draw meaning from life, and thus to engage in a process of transformation.’’ Danis Bois The Wild Region of Lived Experience introduces the discipline of Somatic-Psychoeducation, a unique approach developed by author Danis Bois over a period of twenty-five years. Combining manual therapy (touch), movement and body-centered introspective and verbal techniques, Somatic-Psychoeducation helps patients resolve physical and emotional pain, develop their perceptual abilities and creative expression, and reconnect with the subtle sensations of their living, sensing body. By reestablishing the dialogue between body and mind, a sense of groundedness and wholeness is able to emerge, providing the basis for living an authentic, meaningful life. ‘‘I have never seen such a powerful and complete method of transformation. Danis Bois encompasses body and soul in a way yet unknown in North America. When you read Danis Bois’s book, you know that you are entering a new region of your lived experience.’’ Pierre Paillé, PhD, professor of educational foundations, University of Sherbrooke, Canada “Although somewhat skeptical about alternative treatments in general, I have had personal experience with this method and have found it to be quite powerful. It is very effective in fostering the development of inner awareness and has great therapeutic potential in this regard. Danis Bois and his colleagues are to be commended for their efforts in exploring a scientific understanding of this phenomenon through their work at the Moderna University of Lisbon.” Neil Sonenklar, MD, associate professor of psychiatry, Virginia Commenwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.