Full-Presence Meditation: The Seven Ways to Access Human Warmth - Coming Soon!

To be published online soon in English, book by Danis Bois and Isabelle Eschalier La méditation pleine présence – Les sept voies d’accès à la chaleur humaine (Editions Eyrolles, Paris, 2019)

Presentation of the book as per back-cover:


The Mindfulness meditation popularized by Matthieu Ricard, Jon Kabat-Zinn and the psychiatrist Christophe André has become a standard practice and is now part of our daily landscape.  It provides a real blast of fresh air in our stressed and speedy lives.


The researcher Danis Bois and Isabelle Eschalier present in this book a new form of meditation, which enriches mindfulness by integrating into it the bodily dimension and relational quality of presence.  The lived experience of Full-Presence Meditation® reveals a universe of inner warmth, which warms the heart and diffuses to the whole body.  It steers us towards a more embodied humanity in which we become more present to ourself, to others and to the world.  It mobilizes what is greatest within us.


This very practical book will help you to discover Full-Presence Meditation® and the seven ways to access human warmth:


  • reconnecting with silence;
  • cultivating self-presence;
  • fully honouring our life;
  • regaining our self-esteem;
  • engaging with the meaning of life;
  • preventing stress and anxiety;
  • cultivating, harvesting and sharing human warmth


Danis Bois has been practising meditation for over forty years.  With a Ph.D in the sciences of education and a professorship in social and human sciences, he created the CERAP (Centre for applied study and research in perceptual psychoeducation) at the University Fernando Pessoa in Porto in 2002.  His research furthers the study of bodily experience as perceived, felt and thought.  He is also the founder of DBM Fasciatherapy and Somatic-psychoeducation, which is a discipline now taught within universities.


Isabelle Eschalier is a fasciatherapist and somatic-psychoeducator who has been practising Full-Presence Meditation® for thirty years and teaching for ten years.


Foreword by Pierre Rabhi