You will find in this page links for further information on the scientific work of Danis Bois and his team, as well as the methodologies he has initiated over the course of his career, namely Fasciatheray, Sensorial Training, Somatic-psychoeducation, Perceptual Psychoeducation and DBM-Full-Presence Meditation.

Also references to training in a range of countries.

Pleine Présence – Méthode Danis Bois

This website, by Prof Danis Bois and Dr Hélène Bois-Bourhis, is the platform that you will have access to when you register to complete the 8 week program.  It also

gives access to registering for the weekly meditations facilitated by Prof Danis Bois for those who have completed the 8 week program or have already a long experience of meditation.

CERAP (Centre for Applied Research and Studies in Perceptual Psychoeducation)

The laboratory initiated by Prof Danis Bois supports university and academic courses and develops research programs on Perceptual Psychoeducation.

In it you will find more about the research undertaken within this laboratory as well as papers and publications, some of which are available in English.

Training - Brazil

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Training - Canada

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Training - Germany

Training - Portugal

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Training - Switzerland

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