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What is the point of meditation?

In the words of Danis Bois, initiator of DBM Full-Presence Meditation®

“By asking me this question, it is as if you were asking me:

What is the use of resting for people who work a lot? It enables
us to recuperate and feel refreshed.

What is the use of listening to Mozart’s music? It enables us to connect with beauty and be touched in our sensitive chord.

What is the use of looking at a starry sky? It enables us to be closer to infinity, freedom, perfection and what is greater than we are.

What is the use of watching a sunset and a sunrise? It enables us to appreciate the importance of the time that has been given to us.

What is the use of the reflection of our face in a mirror? It enables us to better know ourself and to correct our imperfections.”

"Well, meditation is about all of this, it serves:

To recuperate, to refresh,
To connect with beauty within,
To be moved and be touched by life,
To become aware of what is greater than we are,
To become aware of the importance of time and
To better know yourself.”

Danis Bois

Meditation is something that needs to be learned

Though meditation may look simple, like any other practice it is something that needs to be learnt in order to derive most benefits from it. DBM Full-Presence Meditation® is such a practice.

It is non-religious, and based on science and the development of personal and universal qualities intrinsic to our human nature, to achieve more warmth towards ourselves, others and the world in our daily life.

It places the perception of the body at the centre of the journey towards self and others and considers presence in its relational dimension.

Learn more on the characteristics and distinctiveness of DBM Full-Presence Meditation® here.

If you wish to

  • learn to meditate, to explore the physical, psychological, experiential and spiritual benefits of meditation in your daily life and to learn from your meditation for your life
  • strengthen your self-esteem and benevolence, or to reduce your anxiety, so that you can improve how your relate to yourself, to others and to the world
  • to establish more regularity in your existing meditative practice or to deepen your experience and understanding of the notion of presence in meditation

I can accompany you on your journey, step-by-step,  through an 8-week Program to Optimize Self-esteem, Benevolence and Anxiety Management, based on the Full-Presence Educational Process elaborated by Prof Danis Bois as a new way to learn to meditate

“In our daily life, our quality of presence is reflected in our way of feeling engaged in our life, of getting involved with it, and by the desire to communicate positively with those around us’

Danis Bois

What the 8 week course includes:

The objective of this program is that after 8 weeks you are able to bring meditation into your daily life to enjoy its beneficial effects and gain autonomy with your practice, with a ‘toolbox’ to allow you to deepen your practice.

The science of meditation clearly shows that the beneficial effects of meditation over time are linked to the regularity of the practice, rather than the length of the meditation – in short, better meditate a little bit everyday, than have a very long meditation at the weekend.

  • The opportunity to offer yourself up to one hour per day to develop a daily meditative practice
  • A weekly 1h30 coaching session (online or in-presence) to introduce the programme of the week
  • Online recorded meditations (22) for your daily practice during the program that respect the step-by-step learning process
  • Online tutorials to better understand DBM Full-Presence Meditation®
  • Internalized movement sequences to be practised at a convenient time each day, with the support of videos
  • A participant’s handbook giving you background information on the notion of presence and the particular features of this approach, as well as detailed instructions of the step-by-step process you will be following week by week
  • An experience journal in the form of questionnaires (in the handbook or online) to note the strong points of your experience and become aware by contrast of your progress in the daily practice of meditation and of your relationship to self-esteem, benevolence and anxiety
  • Additional information in the form of audios or videos to deepen your understanding of DBM Full-Presence Meditation®

You will have access to an interactive platform for the duration of the 8-week program, and for another 8 week thereafter to allow you to consolidate your practice.

The themes we will explore

  • Week 1 : Exploring your body, its posture and stillness
  • Week 2 : Developing the auditory sense and the visual sense
  • Week 3 : Activating your attentional resources
  • Week 4 : Welcoming thoughts and managing anxiety through the breath
  • Week 5 : Becoming fully present and discovering the inner movement
  • Week 6 : Expanding the qualities of the heart
  • Week 7 : Towards benevolence, to self and others
  • Week 8 : Rekindling enthusiasm and inner happiness

The programme is intended for groups, though I can also coach you individually if you prefer.  

This programme is also available in French.

“I feel really positive about the future and my intentions to continue with my meditation practice, and I would advocate to anyone the benefit of following a structured and disciplined programme”

“Having worked with Helene for over 5 years, I can confidently say that my life has changed for the better. Through her meditations, I have gained a new sense of existence, presence and confidence in life. Helene is respectful, gentle and knowledgeable, and comes with my highest recommendation”

“Hélène has introduced me to the silent practice of sitting in daily meditation. This has resulted in a calmer day for me and I rarely miss it”


How it works

The programme is intended for groups – minimum 6 – though it is also possible to be coached individually in particular circumstances. You will need daily online access.

Price : £325

Concessions possible


Next program start : Monday 20th September, with a pre-coaching session on Thursday 16th September.

Please contact me for further information.